Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Progress to date

I had second thoughts about colours while I practiced my technique. This shows a bit redder that it actually is.

After being totally terrified of this process, I find I am quite enjoying the freedom of working without templates or massive rotary cut pieces. And to think...I have a whole stash bag of odd shaped pieces just waiting for some free time to just play around with design & colour!

Meanwhile, DH has added to his tattoo collection. This is one that I promised him for something very special that he did for me...that will remain our little secret! Joe has traveled the world, visited every continent except Australia, Arctic and Antarctic. We both thought this was very appropriate. Joe is a proud Canadian and not shy about waving the flag. Another reason I'll be looking at his legs this summer!

FYI - I'm not into body art for myself...not even pierced ears! I did try it once but was in constant pain...lots of nerves...for 3 months, so took them out. Joe had tried to tempt me with diamond studs but I told him to save his money! I can't even wear clip-ons.


Pumpkin said...

I think this quilt is really going to turn out well Berta! Keep showing us progress pics :o)

Great tattoo! I have to admit, I have two myself and would love to have another :oP

So...I wonder what DH did for you...

CindyMae said...

Great tat!! The quilt is looking gorgeous!