Thursday, October 15, 2009

Q & A

New addition to our home
- Yes we now have a cat, Romy. Romy is our daughter's 12 year old part Siamese cat. Seems Thing 2 aka AJ aka Alex is allergic to cats...and probably dogs as well. Romy has a mean streak in her but we were willing to give it a try. Seems she likes it with us and I haven't had to wear a band aid for the past 2.5 weeks. That's good because some days I was sporting multiple ones! There is no sign of Lyla being farmed out but she does visit Alex's paternal grandfather out at the cottage. Alex is doing much better which is what we all want.

We have snow folks. Enough that I shoveled the driveway yesterday before Joe came home. And the silly forecasters are still saying above zero temperatures this weekend. Meteorologists have the toughest job, trying to give us their educated 'guess' not knowing if Mother Nature is going to throw a curve ball.

Question...are you getting the seasonal flu shot? H1N1 flu shot?
Both Joe & I will be getting the former next week and the other as soon as it's available in our area. Joe has kidney disease and qualifies for all those shots and I as his primary caregiver if he gets ill also get them. In the past they have charged for those considered healthy who wanted the flu shot. I think if you want to protect your health by taking part in such a program, should have that option without cost. After all they are being proactive about breaking the chain if infection.

Christmas...we are staying home this year. Joe has volunteered to work Christmas Eve to closing and then again on Boxing Day. Heather,Jeff & Jonathan will celebrate in their new home in the greater Vancouver area. I wonder if it will be green? Lesley, Aaron, JT & AJ will be at the cottage with Aaron's folks. They get lots of snow and the kids always have a blast building forts or scooting about on the quad. I'm quite looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday without al the usual driving.

A new thing to us is a set limit for gifts. Joe is still new in his job after the lay off, Heather will have extra expenses with the move and Lesley has lost a couple of clients for her dayhome due to the economic environment. I like this idea, now we have to put more thought into the gift vs going for the big show! Now to start on my list. Apparently my family finds me hard to shop for...heck I like to craft, read, listen to music, garden...maybe it's hard to narrow it down! lol

My friend's biopsy went the wait. She's staying positive and busy..they decided to paint their popcorn finished ceiling! If it has never been sealed before, those little bumps fly off in every direction. But it is so worth the effort and having your arms feel like lead from having them over your head so much. Hopefully they get all this done just in time to clean up and get their new furniture delivered.

Well, I'm off on another road trip south. We have a going away dinner planned at Bolero. We've been beofre but Heather & Jeff haven't...should be fun trying all that yummy goodness.


Mel said...

Hope your friend gets good results.

We've had snow since Thursday... it's depressing isn't it?

I will likely not be getting an H1N1 shot as I don't want to stand in line with hundreds of people and wait... I think there is more risk in being in an environment with that many people than just hanging out at home. ;)

mumzy said...

DH also has a lung disease and we are seriously thinking about the H1N1 flu shot. However, we have not had the other flu shot for years as both of us got sick the last one we got.

Romy sure is a beautiful cat. Glad to see he is settling in just fine.

We did not get the predicted snow the other day so we are happy about that but the temperatures have dropped off and it is cold in the mornings now.

Pumpkin said...

Ahhhhh...the Romy mystery has been explained ;o)

We're not sure what we're going to do about the flu shots. I have an appointment with my doctor this week and I'll discuss it with him. My immune system is not very strong and after last year's trip to the ER, I really don't want to revisit that but I'm not sure how I'll react to the shots :o(

I like the idea of limits on gifts. Christmas should not be all about presents. If your family is wondering what to get you, I saw some breast cancer gardening tools at Home Hardware :o)