Saturday, November 21, 2009


I have yet to start my holiday shopping and planning, possibly because it hasn't felt like late November. Well, I was up to put our aging dog out @ midnight and no snow. But @ 4:50 when I got up with Joe, everything was covered with a layer of pristine white snow! Glorious! Now to get busy!

Stitching has taken a back seat. I stamped 6 dinner forks with herb names for a give away at the Garden club meeting. They will easily push into any pot or garden bed. In my haste, I forgot to take any photos but I do have a couple spare and will make more for you to see. It's really an easy process but does take some practice. Debbie was very pleased with her prize. My pleasure!

Last weekend when Lesley was up we got her supplies for her gifts for the dayhome kids and her girlfriends. APRONS! What an awesome idea. We found some great coloured tea towels at the dollar store and then picked up some coordinating trim for the ties. I was quite surprised at how the tea towels held up to a washing. I hate when the sizing come out and you are left with a somewhat limp and unimpressive lump of fabric. Not the case here...they are beautifully full bodied. Lesley got the ties on the adult aprons but asked me to finish the kids' which I did yesterday. Now to deliver them next weekend.

I finished knitting a cornmeal coloured cowl for my new Helly Hansen jacket I picked up at less than half price! Today I'll block it and then sew up the back seam. Photos to come and a reference to the free online pattern I used.

Wednesday Joe called me from work to say he bought a new refrigerator. Ours is 19 years old and has been making some funny noises. Seems someone had returned a unit they bought 3 hours prior but had dented in a corner. Joe offered $200 for the unit. I went in the next morning to see what we were getting to find that it was quite a short small unit. At 5'3" even I had to bend down to see what was in the back. I had visions of many science experiments being forgotten in the back! It was a great deal for a small apartment or a cottage but not as our primary returned the unit without ever having to take delivery of it...and ordered the one I've been lusting for the past 12 months! It's a french door until with the bottom freezer. Delivery slated for the end of the month. Merry Christmas house!

Today I have to tidy up my sewing area and prepare for card making. I got the last of my supplies last weekend, so now to get busy! I have extra, if you want to join me! Come on over and I'll put the tea on! Take care.

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Pumpkin said...

:oP You can keep all of it too! LOL! We've been having lovely weather here. I just hope it stays that way.

Every time I read your Blog, I just get exhausted! I can't believe how busy you are, ALL the time ;o) Would love to see pictures of these forks.