Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Curled up with a down throw and a good book

It's warmer today, minus 29 but it's still so very draining.  This morning I was tempted to pull my warm clothes on over my flannel pj's!  I didn't but I did set a new personal record getting dressed.

I haven't been crafting, stitching or sewing this past week.  No...I thought I should paint the kitchen right before Christmas!! DUH!  Joe helped me clean off the ledge over our cupboards...you know the one under the cathedral ceilings.  I had an old fashion display of things that were important at the time.

You know where this is going...some got released because I'm a different person now.  Others may get passed along...I have a teapot, cream and sugar set from Sadler.  It's black with gold edging and research shows it dates back to the 1930's.  That will be wrapped and passed along.  Not sure what all is going back up there, but I'm liking the clean uncluttered look.

I'll post photos once I get myself out of this mess I'm painting myself into!!!!  Stay warm everyone.


Darla said...

What better time to paint...right before Christmas..With weather as cold as yours you might as well! That's a gorgeous set.

mumzy said...

How brave you are to paint this close to Christmas. The tea set is lovely. I love antiques.

Keep warm and take care.

Pumpkin said...

You are a brave woman to be doing that right before Christmas! LOL!

Anonymous said...