Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'm painting our kitchen cupboard a beautiful pure white...which looks great even on a cloudy winter's day.  I want to add some pizazz once I'm done in the way of pulls or knobs.  These cupboards have never had any hardware, there was simply a curved cut inside the bottom edge of the doors for a hand to pull it open.

Should I stick with all pulls, even on drawers & doors? I don't like the idea of a knob on a looks awkward.

And second question, what finish?  In my kitchen I have white frig, stove & dishwasher and stainless small appliances on the counter which is faux butcherblock laminate.  The light fixture has a bright brass finish but I'm leaning towards spray painting it a rubbed oil finish.

Any thoughts and/or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

No stitching this past week, no quilting this past week...I've been in construction/destruction mode!  So much to do so little of me! tee hee  At least when spring arrives I should be well ahead of the cleaning game.

Enjoy your week, I am!


Jennifer said...

If you do decide to do knobs, definitely invest in a template for drilling holes - it will make your life SO much easier.

I had a chandelier in that bright brass finish that I HATED but didn't want to spend the money to buy a new one just yet. So I searched online and found people had used this stuff called Rub N Buff for refinishing metal items. I used a silver color on ours and while it was tedious and time consuming, it looks FANTASTIC - just liked a brushed silver / pewter color.

Scroll down on this page - you can see someone did their fireplace andirons:

And if you email me, I'll send you before and after pics of our chandelier

Alberta said...

Rub N Buff...I remember that from years Mom used it and I think it turned out well! Thanks, I'll take a look for some!

Love the after photo of that link! Amazing!

Pumpkin said...

Hmmmm....what color would blend in well with the rest of the house? I love looking at different knobs. Try Home Depot or Lee Valley for some unique ones and see what you think :o)

k said...

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