Friday, February 26, 2010

Let me introduce myself!

I think I fell off the face of the earth or at least this blog for a while.  I've been so distracted by the Olympics and the great showing the Canadian athletes are giving us, I neglected to post any updates.

I got some seeds planted, the ones that take forever to germinate...I'm an impatient gardener to say the least!  I'm trying asparagus for the first time, knowing full well we won't have a feed for several years.  Why do I do this to myself, I'll never know!

I have yet to stitch, had good intentions to do some while catching some Olympic coverage but I just couldn't concentrate.  We are so happy that the Women's Hockey team got the gold...Shannon was the rookie goalie but it was nice to see her in goal...she impressed us with her talents while she was with AJHL.

Quilting is also stalled. Too many things running through my head...and another project may take the lead in my little studio.  My friend has a friend who just got out of hospital, very weak and in need of a lung transplant.  My friend was slowly sinking into the Big D and so I thought she may be game for a creative project.  We are going to make a Prayer Quilt.  This will be quite the undertaking because my friend doesn't sew!  Right now we are getting thoughts on design down on paper - likes/dislikes etc and then I'll try and come up with something that a beginning can do under supervision. lol  My plan is to it it up and pass each piece of fabric and say "sew from here to here".  It'll be a simple design, maybe with 9 patches and I was thinking of 1 large centre block of a more complicated pattern.  Start easy and as the confidence grows, tackle the special on.  The good sewing machine's speed can be lowered for those first few seams!

Our weather has fantastic the past few days.  The ice fog that was hanging over us for the past 10 days or so finally burned away and I can't justify being inside when the weather is beckoning me to go outside.
I can't believe that February is almost over...gotta check our tax situation in case we need a few more $ in RRSP's..and with March comes the early arrival of Daylight Savings Time.  I don't like the time going ahead but I love the brighter evenings.

Hope this finds everyone busy with something they love to do! 

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Pumpkin said...

What a wonderful idea Berta! I hope that cheers up your friend :o)