Tuesday, March 09, 2010

In like a lamb but...

Our weather folks are saying we could awaken to a few cm of the fluffy white stuff tomorrow!  I'm okay with that because the ground is quite dry considering how much melting we have had.  Looks like there has been some more mole activity under what snow we did get...the question is how much damage was done.  Last month we had a speaker on the topic of roses and he so fondly referred to 2 years prior as the year of the mouse!  Share and share alike...they can visit through the winter but then they should go somewhere else.

We had a challenge last month at Loose Threads...to make and send a quilted postcard to a member who was going through some surgery.  Tomorrow I will head to the post office and see if it meets their standards!  The frog is an inside joke I'm sure she will appreciate! 

Yesterday Joe surprised me with these 3 wheel barrow planters. A co-worker makes them in his spare time.  I'm looking forward to moving them about this summer...the front wheel turns very nicely!  They'll be showing up EVERYWHERE!  Yes that is our front lawn, well a sunny corner of it.  If I look closely, I think I can see some green!  Perhaps it's wishful thinking!  

Talk with you soon!

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Pumpkin said...

Wow! That postcard is amazing and hilarious at the same time :o) Great job Berta.