Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Friday in March

I had a fabulous few days and then yesterday, it hit me.  After a day of walking around our local Home & Garden Show...(Colin & Justin brushed by me, tall, thin & looking fabulous in black jeans &  very edgey leather flower boutonniere though.) back was aching.

I didn't sleep well and disturbed Joe...the night before I had a ridiculously weird dream and tossed for hours...and this morning  I could barely moved without shooting pains up and down.  So Joe drove my car to work, leaving me stranded and having to take things easy.  The muscle rub seems to be helping but I'll be digging out the heating pad next time I'm mobile.
Prior to all this, I enjoyed some time with Cupid & apple is slowly taking shape in glorious colour!  Love it!

Betty Boop has progressed a bit and I must say my friend is doing a most excellent job with machine applique!  We sew a bit, chat and stop when the emotions ran too close to the surface.  My friend is back to work early which will cut into sewing time but hey, c'est la vie!
After searching for the entire month, we found the one and only item our youngest wanted for her birthday.  A square flat bottom grill pan shouldn't have been so hard to fine but there seems to be a glut of the raised ridge bottoms. I had hoped to get it in the post today, but it will have to be Saturday.

Back to the H & G Show, I was happy to find a local supplier of larger rain barrels.  We were thinking of linking 2 regular sized ones but the more connections, the larger the chance of something leaking. Now to figure out the rest of the puzzle ie replacing the aging eaves trough and reversing the presently flows down the driveway in the front and I really need this in the back yard.

But this will all have to wait, we are heading west next week for Easter with grandchild # 3...can't wait to see him again.  He's been calling and leaving us the cutest  songs on the machine....for a 3 year old, he can really belt out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!
Until next post, enjoy your life!

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Pumpkin said...

That's so sweet! I can just hear this little voice singing :o)