Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today will be interesting

In the past few years I have found I have less tolerance for temperature extremes.  Today they predict we will hit 30.  I'm hoping since my recent vacation to Mexico that I am now better positioned to function in this heat and not just survive in the basement!

The last of this year's Siberian Iris, love the rich purple!
I love the woodsy feel of the fiddlehead fern growing up through the hosta
The garden is giving me much pleasure.  I quite enjoy walking out in the morning and cutting a few fresh blooms to bring inside to enjoy.  I usually put them on the kitchen table to brighten up mealtimes.  I`m recharging my camera and will post some of the blooms in the next day or so!

Thank you all for your thoughts these past day(s).  It`s a reminder to live each day as the present it is.  July is almost over...go out and enjoy what is left of it!


Karen said...

I hope you manage the heat ok. It's been a hot summer in the east.... I don't remember it being this hot day after day in years. We ended up buying an AC this year.

Your garden pictures are beautiful! I look forward to seeing more pics. :)

mumzy said...

I don't mind the heat if the humidity is not bad. However, hope you able to make up ok in your heat. Love your pics!

Mel said...

And luckily it didn't actually hit 30. I agree too hot is no good.

Have you been getting the crazy thunderstorms in your area too?