Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Well that was an extended recess!

Wow, I didn't see that lengthy delay coming! I hope everyone had a incredible August.  Here's a few highlights of my world.

I put together this special spot in our living room with a few treasures.  The cross stitch was a gift from dear Felicity, the apricot lilies the last of this year's blooms and the pinwheel basket...well I just love it!
Our 2 eldest grandsons came up for their annual visit sans Mommy & Daddy.  I picked them up a few days before Joe came home for his R & R.  And well...we just had to have a fire in the backyard and toast some marshmallows!
One of the things on the boys' wish list was to go fishing...we did not no-one caught anything.  That was alright because we had put our heads together before Papa came home and decided to take him out for lunch at their favorite restaurant - Montana's!

While Joe was home we puttered about the back yard, built a new deck for a storage shed, which we relocated and trashed the old sagging platform.

My garden continued to bloom delights for me.  I was blown away at the beauty of the colours if this dahlia...not sure if the stridations are visible in the photo.  It was fantastic and huge, dinner plate size.
This was a feature loom in the lily patch.  I had planned on cutting more to bring inside, you know a fresh bloom on my dinner table but this year the ant situation was insane.  So I enjoyed them outside and on occasion clipped on and out it in a jelly jar on the patio table.
I finally got my disappearing nine patch throw quilted & bound.  I have yet to make the label and hand stitch that on.  I was very pleased with the pantograph I selected.  Because of all the squareness of this pattern I wanted a quilting pattern with some flow to it.  My choice was a 
Patsy Thompson Design free download...the first one in the Wood, FIre & Water Family.

I also made a fun project for a baby shower last month, called "Over by the Pond".  I loved making the frogs despite 12 pieces of fabric coming into a single seam.  The bugs...they were my least favorite to make.  I quilted it with a simple diamond grid.

This photo is on the unfinished top as it looked on my design wall.  I can't seem to find the finished quilt photo!  :(

This rose is probably the last of this growing season.  Late August was incredibly cold, windy and very unsettled.  Furnaces kicked on ...hope this isn't an indication of the upcoming heating season. This photo is from this morning.  I caught a fascinating sight on my way to get the mail.
This morning's heavy dew coated this enormous spider web on my neighbours wrought iron fence around their front yard.  I frequently borrow their view for my own advantage. I have a love seat bench I place near the fence and sometimes sit a couple of flower planters on the top.  What I really want to do next year is to scour the thrift shops for a wonderful garden hat and fasten it to the bench along with some old gloves so it looks like someone stopped for a rest and forgot them there! Right now next spring seems so far away! lol

As I say this the leaves on our trees have begun to turn colours and drop.  Joe is home next week and I'll be asking for help disconnecting the rain barrels.  I don't need them to freeze solid if winter comes early.  We have yet to have snow at Thanksgiving... October 11 in Canada...but we've had white Halloweens!

Okay enough of that depressing talk!  Thanks for stopping by, I will do my very best to post more than one a month!!!!

Til next time - Enjoy the Day!


Felicity said...

Oh wow! You have been busy. I love the finish of your tree, pics of the grandkids, Joe and flowers. You too, have a happy day. Hugs

Karen said...

WOW! Beautiful quilts! Congrats on your finishes. It must have been fun to have your grandsons around for a little bit. :) Great pics!

Mel said...

The quilts look amazing. Looks like August was good to you. Glad you updated! :)