Friday, September 17, 2010

What a beautiful part of NB!

We were talking and decided that the last time we were in this area was 31 years ago for Paul & Cheryl's wedding!  No wonder nothing looks familiar!  We got lost going to Henry & April's, got lost going to David & Jo-anne's...all this even with the GPS.

Here's the funny part...I had 2 quilt shops I wanted to visit...and we drove direct to the first one, no problems!  I poked around a little longer than I meant to but I did pick up a beautiful stained glass pattern for a lovely dragonfly wall hanging!!!!

We had a lovely drive along the river to visit my cousin's place outside the city.  I had the most wonderful tutorial in genealogy...I just hope I remember a portion of what he said. I can see how a quick search can lead to a numb bum hours later!!!! You never quite know where you may end up!

Tonight more of the family is gathering @ Henry's for a corn boil.  The bride & groom to be will join us after their rehearsal. Heather...looks like Nannie is going west next year!!!! Now to work out a suitable few months! She's been on the go for 6 months this turn around! :) Hoping for good weather tonight and better weather tomorrow for the outdoor wedding!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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