Sunday, December 26, 2010

Where do I start?

I once heard that you should never try to do more than 1 passion at a time. I see the wisdom in that adage.  Cross stitch, gardening, quilting, genealogy, travel, family, reading, and just learning something interesting  have all come together into a bottleneck of not enough time. So what is a person, namely me, to do? 

Dropping stuff isn't really an option...I want to do it ALL but...I now know I can't do it ALL the time.  So I will rotate in a high school kind of way.  I carried 6 courses every semester and still excelled in all my classes.  It will okay once I get my routines in line with my head.

November we traveled to BC to visit our daughter and her family.  JR was so excited to see us again...his smile, energy and zest for life could brighten up the darkness room. I've posted a recap on my family Blog HERE

Yes if you read that right, I was by myself for Christmas but in no way alone or lonely.  I skyped with DH, spoke with the DDs and chatted with oodles of family and friends via FaceBook.  Hey it has it's uses because being a terrible waste of productive time.  It is good for a mental connection if you have supportive folks in your corner. My girls put their heads together and got me a 20 pc set of fine china in the same pattern my dear Mom used to set her dinner table with, Silver Birch.  I had always admired this set but alas I had only 1 tea cup and saucer until this year.  Thanks girls, this is a gift I shall treasure for many years to come.

Royal Albert Silver Birch

Christmas dinner on beautiful china

So you are probably wondering what I was doing between our BC trip and Christmas.  Well let me show you! The top left is called "Just Grapes" and went our JT, the top right is "Chocolate Covered Berries" which I gave to AJ and the bottom 2 shots are of "Cozy Dreams" which I gifted to my DH. WHEW!

They were all fun to make up with 1 small exception....cutting the fringe on "Cozy Dreams" until I found the secret and then it was all great!  I really enjoyed making my first 3 flannel quilts.  They are incredibly warm and sooo soft....I think I'll be making three more for my 2 DD and me!  My SIL surprised me 2 weekends before Christmas when he mentioned he would love a clan quilt.  Problem is he's of German heritage and there's no such thing unless I can trace the family back far enough.  He did say he would welcome something in DH's hunting tartan. figure out how to make a tartan quilt! Thanks to DH that may be easier said than done...he gifted me with EQ7!!!   I'm so blessed to have such a wonderfully thoughtful family.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Take care.


mumzy said...

You have been a very busy lady and it looks like you are not going to ease up any time soon.

I have made at least 8 or 9 of those ragtime quilts and they are nice and cozy.

Have a very Happy New Year.

Alberta said...

Thanks Mumzy for stopping by!

Wishing you and your family all the best in 2011!

See you in blogland on the flip side!

Karen said...

I would love to make one of the ragtime quilts! Your's looks fabulous!

Your kids picked out a beautiful dinner set for you. It looks lovely on your table.

Happy Holidays!

Margaret said...

What a beautiful post Berta. I always love to read what you are up to and my goodness you are always one busy lady.

Oh my goodness - what a wonderful and absolutely stunning gift from your daughters. Every meal on this china will be so special.

Happy New Year,
hugs, Margaret