Monday, January 17, 2011

It's all how you look at it


Despite the twice a day futile shoveling exercise, the snow is very pretty.  If there weren't any houses in the photo you could almost imagine this in the back country, far away from the hustle and bustle of town life. No...this is my neighbours tree which flanks our drive.  Our 4 car long driveway!

For the most part I don't mind shoveling but my enthusiasm is beginning to fade.  Half of our driveway goes between our home and the neighbours and I've run out of places to put the snow from the top of the driveway.  I now have a snowbank up against my fence.  I have to be careful not to shovel it onto the neighbours and cause spring flooding in her basement.  Spring is coming this year, isn't it?

The bottom part of the driveway is also a challenge now that the bank is taller than me.  I'm a stellar 5'3"! Not sure what's worse, trying to throw the snow up and over so it doesn't all slide back down or trying to back out of the drive into traffic with such a blind spot.

The good news's the snow is finally easing up and temperatures are supposed to rise.  We were -31°C last week...just when we discovered my block heater cord was tres -21°C today and should be -7° tomorrow. Thank goodness Joe repaired the cord so I can plug in the car.  And I have a dear quilting friend who knows I'm here by myself who offered up some shoveling help if I needed it.

All in all...I have nothing to complain about! 


Pumpkin said...

Oh dear, you DO have snow and LOTS of it! We just have a dusting of it now. Hardly a harsh winter here ;o) It will be up to +5 tomorrow! I think I've become a wimp to cold weather now and fear I wouldn't be able to stand your absolutely freezing temperatures....

mumzy said...

All that snow is what one calls a mountain of snow. Hopefully, you will not get more of that blessed white stuff.