Sunday, July 17, 2011

Legacy Quilt Update

I was asked where this quilt will end up.  This project is being presented as a gift to our town.  For the first while, it will hang in our new Community Cultural Centre lobby.  Our town hall is being renovated, starting late July with a completion date of January 2012.  At that time, the quilt may be relocated to Town Hall.  I will definitely post photos once we get it finished.


Karen said...

Welcome back Berta! Glad to hear that you've been keeping busy! You're quilt block is really pretty. Good luck with the project!

mumzy said...

Glad to see that such a quilt will be where it can be viewed by the public. Looking forward to seeing the completed project.

Margaret said...

Great to see what you have been doing Berta. What a wonderful project and oh my how I love your quilt block. Thank goodness it will be displayed where many can enjoy it.

Have a wonderful vacation.

hugs, Margaret

Margaret said...

Hi Berta,
Sorry it has been so long since I dropped by. I think of you so often but have been bad at writing lately.

Your Legacy Quilt is such a wonderful project and all of you ladies must be having a marvelous time. Love the grain elevator you made.

You have really been keeping up with your reading challenge - good for you.

hugs, Margaret