Friday, October 05, 2012

...I'm back! lol

Well that was a long 6 months of non blogging! So what have I been up to? 
  • We joined our local Community Garden project!  This was its second year at the church location and the first on newly acquired town property.  The second location is ginormous but our fearless leader had an incredible 3 year vision which is now 1/3 realized.  The biggest excitement was over the food bank circular plots.  Various business or service groups adopted and wedge, planted,cared for and then donated their bounty to our food bank.  Sad there is a need for this but yeah that they received almost 200 pounds of fresh organically grown produce.  We can hardly wait until next year.  As this was just barren unused land before, we didn't have ideal growing conditions.  This weekend we'll be getting more compost to add.
  • Our home garden outproduced past years in tomato production. We had them ripening at a nice vine to plate pace.  With still many nice sized green ones still on the vine and frost forecasted, we picked about 5 pounds to ripen in the kitchen.
  • We finally got the nerve to have our salmon coloured stucco painted and lovely greenish grey called aptly enough...Aged Stucco.  I love the change.
  • We did a 2week camping trip with DD2, SIL, Thing 1 & Thing 2 in our motorhome.  At times it was cozy but overall, I could do it again.  3 generations touring around.  Next summer we are planning on doing the same thing but with DD1, SIL perhaps, depending on work, and Thing 3.  We have the winter and spring to work out the details.
  • DH changed jobs...again!  There's nothing quite like going on vacation with no job to come home to!  I was stressed, he wasn't and it all worked out fine.  He was off for a month and now is making up for lost time!  Mind you he only works half days.  12 hour half days! lol  He's enjoying what he's doing, feels he is making a valuable contribution and difference.  And most importantly, he's enjoying himself.  Another blessing.
Dressmaker's Daughter by Nora Corbett for Mirabilia Designs
Isn't this gorgeous?  My friend Felicity asked if I would be interested in doing this as an SAL. WOW!  Would I ever!  This will be my first time doing beadwork, but hey, I'm game.  We will be joined by Shelley . Fridays are our Show & Tell days.  Today I don't have anything to show...sorry ladies...I pulled my floss and got that organized this morning.  Next I'll centre the pattern and find my start position.  I can not wait to see this develop.  I was oohing and aahing to myself as I pulled the floss and laid them on the yummy and decadent looking calories!!!! I'm heading to the library this afternoon to borrow an audio book to listen to when I sit n stitch. 

This weekend we celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving. I personally have so much to be grateful for and for that I am truly thankful. ♥ ♥ ♥ Until next time.


Karen said...

Welcome back! I've been eyeing this pattern for awhile. Enjoy your SAL!

Margaret said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

So glad to see you back blogging. No wonder you've been away 6 months - you did SO MUCH!!

Have fun with your SAL. Now I can check back every week to see what you have done.

Do you want the contact info for my friend in St Albert or are you still keeping very busy?