Tuesday, January 08, 2013

/ & \ Progress

Not a lot but what I did do yesterday on Dressmaker's Daughter felt great. I was away from stitching so long the first 20 minutes felt awkward and cumbersome. Couldn't get comfy sitting, not enough light...working on 32 ct linen...found myself counting and recounting over and over...but I made some teeny tiny steps towards a stitching routine. Today cloudy so I may try a different chair so I can sit closer to the window. I find it easier with as much natural light as possible. I do have a daylight bulb in my lamp but I like mega lumen!  

Still moving more,29.08 km since I decided to get serious about this whole aging thing. I didn't like the other option! Weight isn't moving much but I am sleeping better. Joe's doing really well too. He's also using the NIKE+ program. Last week he tried running before breakfast but he seems to prefer after work. While I put the final touches on supper, he runs, showers and puts his pjs on. That's ok on the nights we aren't going out. 

I did some major home office purging. Yea me! Set up a new spreadsheet for the year. Now to work on the budget, me thinks we have a bathroom reno in our future. 

I thank you for popping around to visit BHHH, hope you have a fantastic day doing what you love with those you love!


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Margaret said...

Looking forward to seeing a picture of Dressmaker soon.

Like you I prefer natural light. Only a few more months till summer. :)