Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept 24,2013

You probably thought I faded away again. No just been busy as our beautiful summer weather quickly fades into autumn.  We have had our first hard frost and the clean up is underway.  The garden beds looks rather empty but my mind is racing with ideas for next year.  isn't that the case with all gardeners? Tonight we have the massive fall work bee for our 2 community gardens. Joe helped me take the power mower to our location to mulch what leaves have already fallen. We finished just as the heavens opened up!

I haven't been quilting too much. Had a wee mishaps with the snippets in the garden and have sported a bandaid and finger cot for much of the past week. I'm so glad to be able to function without it now. 

We attended our first in a long time auction of household items. It was sad to understand the reason for the sale but I hope our purchases helped ease the strain. We arrived prior to 9 to register and look things over. A modest crowd that were somewhat shy about starting the bidding. They offered up a huge cardboard box of new in their original packages toys.  No one was bidding so I mentioned to Joe with Christmas coming, they would be great for a donation to Santa's Anonymous. Well I spoke too loud and things went quickly from there. Lucky us, we got them in the end for $32.50. Not shown are the three sealed sets of Legos for a special grandson in the near future. 

I was a happy gal when we went back after our lunch and found this gem yet to be sold. $10 and she was mine. Not a fan of the faux Verdi Gris so I spray painted it with my favourite Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Romy our adopted 17 yr old cat is recovering nicely. She gave us a scare over the Sept long weekend. It took 3 of us to hold her so the vet could exam her. She was dehydrated and badly constipated and has painful arthritis. Not sure which came first but after deciding I wasn't risking putting her to sleep for an enema,we went the least invasive route. They gave her fluids while I waited and we left with three prescriptions, one of them a compounded mixture. Sticker shock! $47.50 just for that little bottle they mixed up with annoy paste.  That was the only one she didn't give me grieve over.  All three meds were at different times so the pantry blackboard was put to good use. $500+ was well spent. Somedays are still a bit iffy but most times she is almost her old self.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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Margaret said...

Wonderful post Berta. Looks like you are pretty well done with your winter prep. What a great buy for Santa Anonymous. This purchase will make many children happy. Grandson will be thrilled with the lego.