Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sept 8,2013

Lately I have been spending way too much free time on Ancestry. I've been feeling guilty about not keeping up with the current stuff let alone researching the families past.

Today after we cleaned and winterized the motorhome and parked it, we decided to take a few minutes sit outside and relax a bit. Well my mind is always going and next thing I know I'm knee deep in Joe's family while he troubleshoots some work issues. And then it happened.

I was so confused it was pathetic. My head hurt. 

Mallet. The Malley, different strain but related.  Then I found a photo online that had to be entered. 

Well.  These people must have had no heat through the winter cause most had 11+ kids each!

I have cousins. I can name them.


That's it. All of them. One deceased so now only six remain.  I doubt I'll ever truly know my husband's family. I hope the next reunion plans to have everyone wear name tags. I leave you with a photo of Joe's maternal grandfather Adelard Doiron, a gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting several times before he passed. Family, gotta love 'em!

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