Monday, November 04, 2013

Nov 4,2013

Well Hallowe'en came and went and we had a beautiful night for the kids out trick or treating. Sadly we only had ten visit us. I hope they enjoyed my pumpkin version, a Patrick Lose design wall hanging. It was fun to make.

We are excited that we have decided to take the plunge and redo both bathrooms.  The harvest gold shower downstairs sport some 70's orange flower tiles while the main bathroom has brown on beige flower tiles and almond tub sink & toilet.  White is on the horizon. Destruction and construction is pencilled in for February. So excited!!!

Today I long armed a lap size quilt which is part of the Pay It Forward project I signed up for in January. All 5 gifts have to be homemade. I ams Ewing or quilting something for each on my list.  Today's quilt was made after watching The Missouri Star Quilt video Summer in the Park.  I will post photos after I get it to the recipient later this month.

So I am keeping busy and mostly out of mischief! Hope you are happy and well. 

Take care!


Margaret said...

So cute Berta!!

How fun that you are re-doing your bathrooms.

Need to write you with an update. Last month we moved to Michigan for DH's work.

Alberta said...

Moved?! Wow I would have have known without this innocent comment! Lol

Hope the move went smooth and that you are settling into your new community.