Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Current Project

I am knitting a baby sweater set for our third grandson Jonathan, who is due late December. Our eldsest daughter Heather took her time deciding to become a Mommy, but we know she will be a great one! Jeff is already planning things to do when Jonathan gets older!

One regret I have is that my Mother never had the chance to see me become a grandmother and our daughters Mothers. Family was very important to her and so I decided to go through some of her old knitting books and find a set that she once knitted for me when I was expecting Heather. Fitting, don't you think?


Gail said...

Your knitted jacket looks great so far. I think there is nothing cuter than seeing a baby in hand knitted items.

Lana said...

TOOO cute! it looks great1

Cindy said...

That is wonderful and so cute. I am sure that your mother is there more than you know!