Thursday, October 12, 2006

Did some prep work on Moonlit Cabin

I have the edges overcast and the floss divided & labeled. I read over the instructions and now am suddenly very nervous about that first stitch!

It seems that most instructions say to find & mark the middle, perhaps put in some grid lines.

I've only done small mini projects or samplers which are usually in a straight line. This one has lots of mass! I know I do most best work left to right. I'm pretty sure that's the way I will tackle this gem, so that I'm in my comfort zone and not fighting my natural tendencies.

The not so good news, is I'm losing the natural light, so will have to pick this up again tomorrow. Stayed tuned for progress reports as I venture outside my box!


Wendy said...

Oh, the thrill of putting in that first stitch! I have always been a centre-starter myself but I know a lot of people who start in the upper left hand corner. Do whatever feels comfortable for you. If you start in the upper left, just make sure you have enough fabric leftover (don't start too far down). Grid lines are also very helpful, as long as you make sure you place them every 10 x 10 rows so that they follow the thicker grid lines of your chart. its time consuming but may pay off in the long run. Are you using a dark fabric for this piece?

Good Luck, 'Berta!

Karen said...

Like Wendy, I prefer starting in the middle too unless there are specific instructions to start so many inches down from the top. But again, like Wendy said, make sure you don't start too far down and that you have enough fabric. But most importantly, have fun stitching!! :)

Stitch or no stitch said...

Oh well, I guess there has to be someone who prefers starting at the top left. I mark the center of my fabric by stitching a line all the way from top to bottom and left to right and then grid at least the entire top left quarter. When I see the project you are working on I would probably grid the entire thing. Makes life so much easier.
Good luck with your new project 'Berta. It's going to be lovely.