Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How did this happen?

It seems that I have a STASH! I cleaned out a cupboard and found these gems that I had tucked away when my wrists were really bad. So now I have to find time to get my needle going!

Moonlit Cabin ran into a minor problem. It's a small piece and I was having trouble with the small hoop...not enough room so to speak. So finally I got the brainstorm to simply sew some scrap fabric on the sides as I can put it into a larger hoop. I now have the whole thing centered and just have to remove the hoop when I stop stitching!

As to the baby set. I've been looking at it and I'm not happy with my choice of buttons so will look for a replacement. I'll post a photo once I get that sorted out.


Karen said...

You have some pretty kits,'Berta. Looking forward to seeing you progress through them.

Cindi said...

Oh, they look lovely! I can't wait to see them finished.