Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A little progress

The northern lights section is done with half cross stitch, some 2 ply, some 3 and it's starting to come together. Not sure if you can tell, but there are 5 shades of blue in this section. I have some difficulty working with such a dark background but have found that a white pillowcase over my lap highlights the holes. I better get this figured out because I have some black aida cloth in my stash! But it isn't 18 count.

Now to remember how to change my progress bar!


Cindi said...

The white pillow case was a great idea!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Good to see you're back cross-stitching 'Berta. How are the wrists? Wow - gorgeous stash. I see one of mine in there too, our friend 'Frederick'.
Great start on your stitching but oh how I feel for you - not one but two projects on a dark background. I may never stitch on black again after Frederick is finished.