Friday, October 27, 2006

So much gear!

Yesterday, as I sat down to work on my project du jour, I realized just how much 'stuff' I use to stitch a simple design!

I sit upstairs near the window during the afternoons. i have my pillow fluffed just right behind my back. My little footstool is placed just so. I have my pattern on a metal board complete with magnetic lines & 1 magnifying strip beside me. On the other side, over the arm of the chair is a sewing caddy with pin cushion top - I made that from a crafting show I seen years ago. In one of the pouches are my snips, quick count strip and a pack of spare needles. I have my daylight lamp placed just so to eliminate shadows. Across my lap these days is a white pillowcase so I can see the holes. I have my freshly cleaned progressives on my nose!

Just as I find my place to get started...the kitchen phone rings! Does this explain why I'm not a faster stitcher? But I do so enjoy my quiet time with my project du jour! They are, most definitely, stitched with love!


Karen said...

Your stitching spot sounds really cozy. There can certainly be a lot of prep work to get everything placed just right. Especially if it isn't a "designated" stitching spot and everything has to be put away at the end of the day.

'Berta said...

So very true...I wish I could just leave things out but my cat would have a blast as soon as I turn my back!