Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Only crafting progress was regression!

Our weekend spirits were dampened after learning that our SIL's young cousin died in a tragic car accident Sunday leaving a wife and newborn. I hadn't met him but I knew how close the family was and they are taking it very hard. Yesterday ended up being a day of quiet reflection that was very well suited to the first snowfall.

We decided to postpone the gravel pick up for the greenhouse floor. Instead we cleaned out the garden and workshop -prepared the lawn mower for storage and the snowblower for winter use. I will post a greenhouse pic as soon as my camera batteries recharge.

Today may not be a good day for stitching, depending on how my eye exam goes. My Mother had glaucoma so I'm at a heighten risk and this afternoon is my annual exam. In the past few years my pterigia has gone from bad to stabilized which is good news. Just the thought of potentially having to have eye surgery gives me the willies. I am such a wuss! Fingers crossed that today's check up is just a day on the calendar!

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Wendy said...

What very sad news for your family! My heart goes out to them.

Good luck with your eye exam, Berta. Anything to do with the eyes leaves me very squeamish.