Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Here's my baking!

The baking went well, except I underestimated how many oranges I would need for the zest! So I have 1 more batch to make for the exchange and then some for my friends this holiday season.

I used my favorite online website for recipes...Kraft Canada. This is
White Chocolate-Cranberry Cake
1 recipe equaled 2 loaf pans. It's quite a stiff batter, so be prepared to use those muscles!
I do realize that this is for a 'cookie' exchange!

Obviously, this isn't a cookie! My reasoning is since I have to travel the furthest...4 hours one way...For this event, I should have some leeway. Last year some of my cookies were a bit worse for the wear once they reached their final destination. They still tasted good, but presentation wasn't the best.


'Berta said...

Oops...not sure why the text isn't lined up...but you can muddle through it, I'm sure!

Cindy said...

That looks fantastic! Yummyy, I want some! LOL Really those do look fabulous though!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Your burp cloths are cute 'Berta and yet very manly, just like you intended.
The cakes look very yummy and will be a big 'cookie'success.