Friday, November 24, 2006

One of our family traditions

When Joe & I started our own family, we have been particular about our Chirstmas tree decorations. Mom & Dad let me have the old porcelain Hudson Bay bells that I received as a very young from Santa.

Not having a lot of money for trinkets such as tree decorations, we would make new ones of a different craft style every year. One year it was ceramics ( my hobby at the time) another year it was painted wooden ones the girls did at church. Our favorite ones were the peanut reindeers they made with Girl Guides. These we vowed would not leave our tree when the girls moved out.

Sharp eyes at a Craft Fair not too many years ago, spotted the new version of the peanut reindeers! 2 were bought and then presented to each daughter for their family tree.

A few years passed and then we were blessed with a grandchild late November. We began a new tradition of buying an annual ornament for the grandkids. Then when they leave home they can take the memories with their special ornaments.

This year was a difficult choice...we had to find 3! But I think we chose well and this is what the grandboys will be receiving. They all make sounds & music. Mickey plays the piano, Santa answers kids' questions and the train goes around the mountain.


Cindy said...

What a beautiful tradition! I just love the three for this year. The one with the ginger bread looking houese and the train is my favorite! Those are just awesome!

Stitch or no stitch said...

A lovely tradition 'Berta & wonderful 2006 choices for your grandsons.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Lovely sweetie and I do that as well. We've done it ever since the first Christmas we were together. Gosh...almost 8 years now. LOL Boy how times flies! Anyhoo, what darling selections for this year! I'm fond of the Mickey one myself..being an avid lover of Disney! Hehe..

Have a great day!

X Stitch X

Wendy said...

So cute - what a nice tradition for your grandkids.