Monday, November 27, 2006

So Little Time

Only 24 hours per day, eh?

Between Christmas baking, shopping and gift wrapping, DH's company party, there has been little time for crafts and such.

This is our homemade Christmas cards we will be sending out to 49 of our closest family & friends. I try to do something unique and I think a black, gold & cream Christmas card is not your average sight! I must thank our youngest daughter for getting me on this track. It's quite fun once you narrow your selection down to a few stamps and colour palettes.

As you can see or not, there hasn't been much progress on my project. I was also distracted by the snow and high winds last week. One day I shovelled 3 times just to keep the drift across the driveway down to a managable size. We continue in the deep freeze. We were -29'C this morning but thank goodness the wind was stopped.

But this is a project for me, so no time constraints or deadlines...which may in intself be not a good thing. There's nothing quite like being under a deadline to get busy!

We'll see what the day will bring. Hope yours is a warm one!


Stitch or no stitch said...

Pretty Christmas cards 'Berta. Looks like you're going to be a busy girl making 49 of them.
Do you make 'Nanaimo Bars' for Christmas? They are a favorite around here.

Anonymous said...

Very nice touch with the homemade cards. Happy holidays!

Cindy said...

I just love the Christmas card and what a beautiful and wonderful idea! It is always nice to have a project that has no deadlines . . . .although I can not wait to see it finished, as I just love that piece and may have to do it for myself on day! ;)

Sharon said...

Berta, your Christmas cards are lovely-very unique. I think it's wonderful that you do your own cards.

Wendy said...

I love your Christmas cards, 'Berta! My daughter just started making ours last night.

Keep warm! And remember, there are lots of long January/February nights ahead to stitch.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, such pretty cards!! And, I look forward to seeing the progress on your piece when you get back to stitching on it.

Emily said...

I like your choice of cards :-) and your project is going to be so pretty, can't wait to see more progress!

Karen said...

Your project is looking beautiful!!! I love the card you chose. :)