Friday, December 15, 2006

Found something!

I'm cleaning out my basement! Yesterday was garbage day, so I felt compelled to fill that lonely, empty trash can. Got rid of all sorts of stuff, and find this is as complicated as I want things to be.

This is very appropriate, just 'they' say expectant Moms sometimes have bursts of energy before the impending birth. Maybe it's true about grandmothers as well!

It's just busy work but the day is flying by - I almost forgot to defrost something for supper!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes keeping busy is the only way to go when waiting on something so exciting to happen!! I am still keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and hoping that it happens soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember that nesting feeling! If you need more to clean, 'Berta, my basement looks like a disaster zone LOL! Good luck!!!