Friday, December 15, 2006

Now what do I do?

I can't concentrate on my cross stitch...I'd rather put it away for a bit and not have to subject myself to some frogging!

So I decided to do some sewing for myself. I got my wool plaid fabric all figured out for my new skirt. Those lines were going to be beautiful...then it happened. Not sure why, but my electrical cord is not sitting into the machine tight enough and flickered off as soon as I get any speed up!

This is not the time to take it in for service when everyone can barely keep up with sales. So I have to wait until the New year! But it was only then that I realized this maching is 10 years old and this is the first sign of any problems. I guess I can count myself lucky...or smart for picking this one. I have been so pleased with it...the thread tension is perfect! It's a definite winner.

So do I dig our my Mom's old faithful machine and plod along? or put this into the to finish pile and try something else? I think I will comtemplate this over a cup of Earl Grey...maybe the phone will ring with THE CALL! One can always hope!


Stitch or no stitch said...

No wonder you can't concentrate!! This is so exciting for all of you. Hope he comes SOONEST!!!!

'Berta said...

Margaret, you are so right! Spoke with Mommy to be, and no action yet!
Maybe the next call will be the really big news!