Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Absolutely no stitching done the past 3 days

I wish I could say I went somewhere exotic and did something cool like go hot air balloning but no...not even close! I cleaned carpets!

I had hoped for new carpet this spring, but quickly realized that it wasn't going to happen. I hate what we have now but I know as soon as spring hits, I'm outside...so it doesn't really matter. I'll look at it again in the fall...it'll cost more but...

All the living room furniture ended up in the dining room which has hardwood. An area carpet was put outside on the back deck...our dog Cody loved having a carpeted area to lay down on! All the gym equipment was squashed into my laundry/sewing/home office area.

I didn't expect the carpet to take so long to dry but is sure looks good...I can easily live with it for another 6-12 months!

The reason why I'm so pokey at putting things back is the rooms looked so much larger empty and I hated the crowded feel from before. So I'm trying out new furniture arrangements...push things around and sit a while on each piece and check out the view....I think I have a final set-up in mind! I think!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun rearranging your fun and gt some stitching in.