Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who'se hands are these?

I wouldn't have thought 3 days away from stitching would be that big of a deal but after 45 minutes I had to give up.

There wasn't any flow although I was enjoying the colours. It took me quite a while to realize my shoulders were all bunched up around my ears and my arms and wrists were just aching. I was so tense I actually broke my favorite needle!

I think it was the chair I was sitting in! I think I need to find another seat that suits me! I'm kinda short - 5'3"...and need good back support. I had an accident on the job many years ago that resulted in 6 months of traction therapy and ultimately a disc fusion the following year.

I may end up using the dining chair until I get something figured out. Any ideas tips and /or recommendations would be greatly appreciated! What do YOU sit on when you stitch?


Wendy said...

Oh poor Berta! You can't stitch when you are suffering so much. I use a lazy-boy chair, its the best and when I put my feet up, then my doggies enjoy sitting on the bottom section (although most times there's no room for my feet!)

Cindy said...

I am so sorry that you are hurting. I dining chair may work well. When my back hurts, that is where I sit to stitch. Other than that I sit in my lazy boy as Wendy does. Soemtime with my feet up and sometimes I sit indian style.

Alberta said...

Thanks for your input...I may be looking for my own special chair this year!

Yesterday was better. I tried hard to stay relaxed in the shoulders and it helped. This morning I have an achy feeling all over, so maybe I'm just showing the beginning signs of a flu virus....ugh! I wanted to go and visit my Dad in the nursing home but I won't risk it...too dangerous for our seniors!

I'll be taking things easy for the next day or so, staying hydrated and trying not to stress out. I don't want to be sick!