Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Disappointment & possible success!

I volunteered to help my daughter make these muslin loot bags for an upcoming bridal shower. She got the idea from a book, I read the directions over over, took a photocopy and thought...too easy!

Wrong! The book says you can simply tape a piece of muslin to card stock and run it through the computer printer with the personalized label I spent an hour creating. Well, the draft copy on paper looked good so I loaded up the prepared card stock...and it came out smeared! OK...did more research online and found the idea of ironing the fabric to freezer paper and running it through that way.

Worse news...I had to dig out the printer manual to figure out how to remove this fabric jam! eventually got it out, did another test print to make sure I didn't damage the machine...looks OK.

So now I have decided I will trek into civilization and buy some fabric transfer paper at my local fabric shop. That should print OK...now to figure out how to reverse my text so when I iron it on, it reads the right way.

I'll post photos of the success if and when it happens!

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Anonymous said...

Boy, are you persistent, I'd have given up by now.