Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My afternoon project

I finally did figure out how to reverse my text...there is a button on the Draw toolbox...says Flip Horizontal...that's the Cadbury secret! So I have it saved, just waiting to go into town later this week for the transfer sheets.

DH installed some awesome shelves over my sewing work table 10 days ago, and I've been trying to get things sorted/purged and projects moving.

I have my sewing craft books on the top shelf...out of reach but I'm short, I have stools just about everywhere! Then I have crafting supplies in the plastic shoe boxes...still waiting to be labeled. Seems I have 4 boxes still empty and may shift things around a bit.

That blue lid box is my idea tickle file...when I see something that intigrues me, I clip it and stick it into a file folder by craft type. On my slow days, I enjoy going through it...sometimes I get inspired, sometimes I just purged a few. My DH's rabbit keeps me company and I ususally have a scented candle going when I'm working for any lentgh of time, along with some of my favorite tunes.

I've been able to check off a bunch of little things and now I'm working on my fabric stash.

I just can't throw anything out...I had made a nice gold bedskirt about 18 months ago, but when we upgraded the bed, it wouldn't fit. So I ripped it apart and made a couple of toss cushion covers.
With the last little bit, I changed the white vanity cover to the gold and like it better.


Wendy said...

Your crafting area looks great, Berta! Isn't it fun to organize stash? I love it, better than housework any day.

Cindy said...

Your crafting area looks fantastic. That is one thing that I really enjoy, going thruogh my crafting items and organizing!