Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm so happy to be at this point!

I thought I had messed up my blog for good! But I think I'm back on track. Not sure if I like the soft yellow background...it seemed nice when I first started tweaking the blog, but now, I'm not sure. I've addded some of my favorite links, if I've missed you, don't worry I'm not done yet. It's OK if you want to leave me a friendly reminder!

Does anyone know where to put those progress bars under the WIP's? I wasn't too successful in my attempt, but then I think I was pushing it far beyond my limits.

Well I'm going to make a cup of Earl Grey and stitch a while.

Later friends!


Christine Doyle said...

I like it! I find the yellow calming.

You would have to host the progress bars somewhere and add them as you would a photo. I have a link underneath mine to Melanie who created them and she has those ones in a number of different colours. You just update your bars when ever needed. Let me know if you need help!

Cindy said...

I think it is looking fantastic! As far as the progress bars . . . Where do you get them? I have seen them on a ton of blogs, but have no idea how you get them? So, I would love to know!!!