Friday, February 02, 2007

My heart is still pounding!

I haven't had this kind of a scare since about 18 months ago when I messed up with my bill payments! In that case, I was talking on the phone long distance to Kabul to DH and instead of paying x amount on a bill, leaving me z amount for the month...I paid z amount, leaving me with little ole x! I made a funny sound & hubby started laughing when I told him what I did. So now I don't' talk on the phone and pay bills online!

Well, I was paying phone this time...things were looking good, I was doing a little forecasting for the upcoming months, projects we want to do etc. I became aware of a funny sound, something very unfamiliar to me. I had my radio on softly in the background, so I reached across and turned it off.

The sound continued only a bit louder. I finished my banking, logged off, turn off the computer, including the power bar...still heard the noise only louder. It seemed to be coming from the electrical panel...opened it up but couldn't see anything.

Went out the back door in case it was machinery out the back...nothing there. Came back in and went into the kitchen which is over the computer area and could hear it even louder. I thought my refrigerator was going wacky. I pulled it out of the wall, unplugged it...sound is still going...checked all my counter top appliances...still nothing. So I decided to really strain my ears and try to track this strange vibrating noise.

This followed me to under my kitchen sink where I pulled out one the of grand kids bubble gun machine that was vibrating like crazy! I'm not sure WHY it decided to go off, but there it was...! I let out such a big sigh of relief but my poor heart is still racing a mile a minute!

I'll be OK...some stitching will calm me down...maybe a cup of Earl Grey as well!

Here's the culprit!


Anonymous said...

That is too funny. But glad it wasn't anything that was going to need fixing.

Cindy said...

Don't you just hate it when the kids toys start going wacky on you and scare you to death. Been there and done that!! Glad that it was nothing bad!

Christine Doyle said...

Ha ha! What else are grandkids for, but to scare the living daylights out of you?