Monday, February 05, 2007

Kinks & a Helpful Hint

Between helping my DH bring a heavy piece of equipment into the house (it weighed 375 pounds according to the box) going to a hockey game in a small arena with poor or no heating and the dropping temperatures...I have a unhappy back!

I'm going to take things easy - no vacuuming...that is something that can aggravate my back on a good day! I'm going to dress warm and go for an easy walk and hopefully work out the kinks. I should be good after that.

Stitching wise, I'm getting excited about the approaching finish. I had planned on doing Frederick but I think I want to do something on a lighter background, just to give my poor eyes a break. I have bilateral pterygium and lately that has been a problem. I've been going through tons of eye drops ... maybe something is telling me to relax, do something else...go plant some seeds! Don't have to tell me twice!

In the meantime, I'll take a look at my Mom's old floor frame she used for needlepoint and see if all the parts are there. The next project should fit the scroll frame wrists prefer that to holding a frame. If not, I'll add some scrap fabric to make the aida cloth large enough.

I was poking around some stitching websites and noticed some frames have a strip of magnet stuck on the side for needles...I think I have just the thing in my craft stash! I love finding little ideas like that. They don't cost the world, I can do it myself quickly and oh the time savings...priceless.


Name: Vicki said...

Hope your back gets to feeling better! Take care of yourself!

Wendy said...

What were you thinking? Lifting something as heavy as that?? You poor girl, I think your hubby should give you a nice back massage as a payback.

Alberta said...

Vicki & Wendy,

What can I say? I really wanted to do this help out DH...shhh...don't tell anyone but we bought a treadmill so he can get exercising! He sits behind a desk and can't get to a gym. He leaves ~ 6:15 am and returns anytime after 6:30 pm ...He loves to walk but it just isn't safe to do it on icy sidewalks after dark.

And yes...I will be on the receiving end of a nice massage!

Thanks for caring!