Wednesday, February 07, 2007

No X progress

I've been busy organizing DH's tools. I painted the furnace room...make it look fresher and to use up some old paint. I spent the better part of a day dis-assembling - is that a word?- 2 metal shelving units and combined them into a tall beast with lots of shelves. I re-installed said beast and am slowly putting things onto shelves. that's a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, trying to best use the space without crowding. Once I get a nice arrangement, I'll make shelf labels so it stays orderly.

I am disappointed that our old screwdriver holder won't work in the new revamp I think I'll be trying to make a custom one. My thoughts right now are to get some wood...maybe a piece of 2 x 2...and drilling good sized holes on the narrow edge clear through the piece on a slight angle. That way I should be able to slide the screwdriver into the slot and it won't fall out. This shouldn't be that big a project, I do have the drill press and I did take the ladies woodworking course! Gotta love a woman who knows her power tools!

But, I still wouldn't rip wood by myself! My BIL cut off part of his thumb doing something similar...and yes he was alone! Scary...but he's OK now, the nerve ending finally settled down.

In case you are wondering, I'm trying to get all my indoor projects done before the snow leaves and I'm back outside! I have a great chair for stitching in the back yard!


Anonymous said...

Boy, you are a busy woman.

Alberta said...

Sue, if my hands are busy, I can't get into too much trouble, can I????