Thursday, February 08, 2007

Revolving front door!

We had a distant cousin stay overnight before heading out to his new job yesterday but for some reason or another, it was delayed 24 hours, so had him another evening. This was probably just as well...he arrived here ~ 2 am his body time and he had to be up ~ 6 hours later. He slept well last night and looked better this morning.

So I'm washing bedding again and preparing for the arrival of my newest grandson Jonathan and his parents! Daddy has business in the city tomorrow and Jonathan and our DD will just hang out inside where it's warm and just admire each other! Hopefully I'll get some stitching done while Mom feeds the little guy over the weekend.

Saturday is family portrait day...I'm so pumped about that. We are still unsure of who needs what size of pics, but I know I want 1 of each! Just call me the Proud Grandma!

Have a great weekend, no posts until our company leaves and then I should have some personal pics to post!


Name: Vicki said...

I rarely have overnight guests. But when I was growing up, we had lots of ON guests. All of my dad's family lived way off and they were always coming for visits. I have such happy memories of those times! I'm not sure my mom does, There's a lot of work involved! I know you will enjoy that new grandbaby! I can't wait until I become a g-mom! I've got a while to wait though as my daughter is only 17 and refuses to have a baby right now just to make me a g-mom! lol Have a happy day!

Alberta said...

We have guests quite regularly, which is nice. Most times it's the kids & grandkids, the odd time a nephew or two...and of course, we have lots of cousins! Phone calls & email can only do so much to keep the family together...there is nothing quite like sitting around the dinner table and seeing where the conversations take us!

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a beautiful little boy Jonathan is. Wonderful that proud grandma will get to spend time with him & DD. What fun you will have.
You mentioned in an earlier post that you are planning to stitch Frederick. I am in the process of doing that right now and after a slow start am thoroughly enjoying it. If you do decide on a lighter fabric I would suggest a 28 ct evenweave rather than the 14 ct aida in the kit. That will make it so much easier to do the quarter & half stitches.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Lana said...

Have fun with your company! And good luck with the family photo! I bet they will look great!

Alberta said...

Margaret, what a great idea! And I have some linen yardage from a shop going out of business that may just fill the bill!

Thanks for stopping by, I missed your input!