Monday, February 26, 2007

Quick update

Just need to do the back stitching on Moonlit Cabin! Today is overcast so I hope tomorrow will be bright...hard to see those little holes with all those stitches!

Shower project done...just need to post some pics.

Gardening...I filled 2 trays of 8 9-cell packs with seed starting medium. Will be planting tonight. I set up my indoor green house yesterday, but one of the zipper closures isn't working so I have to get a replacement put in. Because I don't want to sew on the plastic greenhouse cover, I will just stitch the new zip on the fabric tape of the old zip. It'll be looser but at least there won't be a bunch of new holes made.

Did some other mundane household things like laundry, errands, pay bills, organize more T4's we received today - I have 3 tax forms to file...mine, DH's and my Dad's - I'm Trustee.

I hope you had as productive a day as I have...I feel great!

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