Friday, February 23, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun!

I've stepped away from stitching these past few days. DH has an away trip for work this weekend and didn't his zipper on his work vest break! So yesterday my priority was to get that replaced. I never thought to check my sewing thread before I headed out to buy the replacement zip...I'll just say if I had to re-do a longer one, I would have run out! Whew! That was just too colse for my comfort!

And since I was in the sewing mode, I worked more on a project for an upcoming wedding shower...those fabric bags with the homemade iron on transfers. Some turned out better than others, so out of the 24 I printed, I'm happy with 21...I needed 20! I'll post photos once they are all done...looking for some rafia to tie them up now.

My mission this weekend...seeing I'm flying solo... is to sort through my threads and find out what I have and don't have! I've cut some dowelling to fit my pegboard, so now to sand the ends and tap them in...and hopefully I won't have any more thread anxieties!

Have a great weekend!


Wendy said...

Hi Berta~I can't seem to find your e-mail address as I was going to answer your question about Carrie's Attitudes which you kindly asked about. Its a pattern by Stoney Creek that came out about 6 years ago. I was going to offer it to you, but then remembered that my daughter had already given it away to a girlfriend. I'm sure it is still available from the Stoney Creek website if you are interested.

Alberta said...

Thanks Wendy...I found which leaflet it is!