Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sort, purge and repeat!

Although it was Family Day in AB, DH had to work on Monday so I took advantage and cleaned out our bedroom closet. We had done DH's clothes over the weekend. I now have a bag and a half of clothes for the donation box. Oh...did I mention we have both lost some winter weight!!!

This inspired me to go through some of my craft stuff and I did a mini purge there. What really excited me was I found a chart that I thought was lost! So now to get Moonlit Cabin finished so I can try something else. MC is almost done, back stitching is not one of my favorite past times but o the results...things just seem to pop. Now if only I could stitch and not keep patting myself on the back every time I make some progress.

I'm contemplating working on more than 1 project at a time. Instead of just working on a sizable piece, perhaps I'll add a few small things - bookmarks, ornies etc. I'm hoping that it will just keep me inspired to keep stitching. I would hate to think I would get discouraged and not finish anything! Any thoughts of this? I've read that some like to work on a certain project on a certain day etc. That would keep things fresh...but how do you keep everything separate...z*pl*ck bags for each project?!

Not sure when I will post next...gotta watch the Scotties Tournament of Hearts which wraps up this weekend! Bye!

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Wendy said...

Try some ornies, Berta! Think of Christmas ahead and an ornie for each of those gorgeous grandkids of yours!

I used to use the large Ziplok baggies for my projects, but they aren't very durable. If you really want to treat yourself, I highly recommend these mesh bags:

I hope the link works. I bought myself a few of these and I love them. SB&B often has sales on, and they have great stuff.