Friday, March 30, 2007

Delivering the quilt Saturday!

I have one side of binding left to whip stitch and then make & attached the label. We will be in Calgary both this weekend and next. Lots of things to get done.

This Sunday Les is hosting a bridal shower for her girlfriend Kate - DH is helping with the roast beef dinner and then watching the young-ens while the girls party on. We won't be staying long, it's a 4 hour drive home, they are predicting white stuff to fall from the sky and Monday is a work day.

Still working out the details of the Easter involves visiting Dad in Medicine Hat, go back to Calgary for Easter dinner, disassemble a shed, load that up in the truck and return home with that plus the camper. The kids are breaking ground for a garage...hence the shed & camper move. Whew...I'm tired just thinking of all this! But it has to be done.

That will just leave finalizing our taxes as well as Dad's - I'm trustee...and then we are coasting through the spring/summer.

Meanwhile, I'm getting excited about thoughts for Jonathan's quilt. I found a crayon one which used paper piecing - new to me...but I thought a Debbie Mumm style one would be fun also. So many decisions...what a happy place to be!

I'll post pics of Alex with the finished quilt on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!

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