Friday, March 30, 2007

Up, Down & all Around

This is a shot of the lil greenhouse, sitting in front of the window - hence the bad lighting...but the plants have priority! The top shelf has the tomatoes & green peppers, already potted up. the nest shelf has my flower annuals - marigolds,(3 types) lavatara Mount Blanc - a beautiful white with a blush of pink just before they open. These also grow tall ~ 4' if they get lots of sun. I also have a tray of alyssum - snow carpet, Jacob's Ladder. The blue container is a trial - peat pots on a capillary mat - I have a new to me annual which I forgot how to spell but it will have blood red furry flowers, some summer savory and some sunflowers. Maybe the grandkids will want to adopt one each. The next shelf has 11 pots of dahlias - 6 creamy white and 5 light yellow. I also have 2 pots of 1 white & 1 yellow begonia...these will go on my front porch if they do well. On the bottom is a trial...some of the tubers on the dahlias broke off, so I planted them to see if I can get some freebies! Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

This is the best developed tomato so far, but the others aren't far behind. I restrained myself and only planted 12 seeds of the Manitoba variety. Lucky me 9 are still hanging in there. Both girls will have their hands full this summer with family reunions, new baby, garage building, holidays etc. So as the Soup Nazi said...'No tomatoes for you!'

These are my gotta have's - CrackerJack Marigolds. They grow about 3' tall and have blooms all summer/fall long until the frost takes them.

The main outdoors greenhouse has seen some growth. I have some sprouts just starting to poke their heads through the soil. The bad news is we are expecting a deep freeze early next week with temps to -17'C - I may lose them but I did move everything away from the south facing wall and into the center where they should have the best chance for survival.

We definitely missed the mark with the gravel for the floor...the lawns is so saturated and moving wheelbarrows of that stuff will tear up what lawn I do still have. So I will go without until things dry up.

On the VOLE not mole trails are much smaller - indicating voles aka filed mice...Joe and I toured the neighbourhood and everyone with a lot on that green space behind has some amount of damage. We are probably not the worse off so that is the good news. But again, we have to wait for all the snow to melt to reveal the true extent of the damage and go from there.

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Wendy said...

OH gorgeous tomato plants! Thank you so much for sharing all your planting info. Its so interesting to read about, and hoping one day, I can venture into greenhouse gardening also.