Monday, April 02, 2007

Safely delivered

Happy Dance! The quilt is finished and ready for delivery to Alex.

Alex was so pleased with his quilt, he even modelled a pretend nap with it! What a cutie!

Now to get some great ideas for Jonathan's quilt. I make totally different ones for each of the grandsons. I really like the blue & yellow log cabin blocks at Quilt or Stitch So many great fabrics, I could really indulge myself!

This is a short week. We are back on the road Thursday evening. I volunteered my services to our youngest daughter...after 4 years in their home, they are redecorating in their colours. My run up new curtains/drapes for the main floor. That's the powder room, living room and 2 windows in the dining area. We selected the fabric Saturday...that was a challenge, so many great choices! And the best part...a huge sale was going on. We saved between 40 - 50% on everything! Hopefully all of this will be ready for delivery this Thursday! So, I must publish this and get going!


Isabelle said...

Beautiful quilt, wonderful gift! :)

Jamie said...

That's a wonderful gift! A quilt from my great-grandmother is one of the most prized possessions that I have. Good luck on the projects!

Margaret said...

Jonathan looks like a very happy little boy with such a lovely quilt to keep him warm.

Have a wonderful time helping your daughter.