Thursday, March 15, 2007

On the mend

I believe the worse is behind me. I haven't had sinus pain like this for years. I think I got this from my Mom, her ears used to bleed from the pain while in my darkest days, any noise or light would send piercing pains through my head. The good news, I seem to have grown away from this...this week was just a little reminder that I need to take care of myself!

I didn't want to push myself today with fussy stuff so I just cut out more 2 triangle squares for Alex's quilt. He's coming for a visit with his older brother Joseph and Mommy & Daddy so I have to put everything away from little fingers. Rotary cutters are dangerous. I'm getting excited with the colours and possible arrangements...I plan so much and then play around with it and see where I go from there. Have a great weekend!

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