Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today's SBQ was suggested Danielle ( and is:
If you had $500 to spend on stitching-related items, what would you buy?

Oh my goodness, Christmas is coming early! It would have to be a Daylight Ultimate lamp with the tray, magnifying lens and project clip! I won't care what the finish was...and if there was extra left over after getting this Cadillac, I would look at a nice fitting chair.

I'm short...there, I said it, and I find a lot of the chairs now are just too deep, my feet end up dangling way above the floor. The chair would also have to have a good back, ever since my back injury/surgery I'm very aware of how many chairs just aren't comfortable. I love my wooden rocking chair, nice seat, curved back fits me...but it does get a little hard on the tush, even with a seat cushion.

Oh, it is so nice to sit and dream a little fantasy in the middle of a sunny afternoon! Great question Danielle!

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