Monday, March 26, 2007

Roller coaster of emotions

I'm feeling unsettled today. It's hard to concentrate and get back into my routines.

Saturday was great but then it ended. Our Sunday began with a frantic call from our dear neighbour to come over and to bring her spare key to get into her house. Her golden lab who had stitches from her cancer surgery removed the day prior had a huge gaping wound, right down to the ribs. The whole incision burst open...poor Jo was trying to keep the dog quiet and still and hold the incision closed to prevent further injury/infection. A quick call to the nearest vet clinic, then try and bundled up Kiz without exposing the wound to more bacteria and the rushed drive. Kiz had more surgery to remove the dead tissue, clean the wound & lots more stitches. There is a real possibility of infection due to the non sterile environment so a shunt was implanted. The vet said we did a great job with what we were faced but I wish this hadn't happened in the first place. Kiz is back home, recovering again...Jo is a bundle of nerves, functioning on adrenaline & a new challenge while waiting for the pathology results of the cancer surgery. I'm so glad we were home to I hope our prayers can do the rest for a happy outcome.

On the bright side, we were treated to the best concert by Eric Clapton & Robert Cray...somehow the first sets of blues tunes so so fitting for the day. And yes, the sun did come up again this morning, revealing happy possibilities. Good sign, don't you think? I do!

UPDATE: I restarted my day and I feel better, got my walk done, some cleaning, paid bills. No news on Kiz, but that's a good thing...Thanks Jamie ,Vonna & Wendy for all the good thoughts!


Vonna said...

Hi Alberta! Nice to meet you! Thank you so much for your generous comments on my blog :) How I do so appreciate them. I love to share my love of Cross stitch with others so it is my pleasure to help others and share what I know because I learn so much from others. It gives me much joy to become friends with so many in the world!
I do so hope that your neighbor's dog gets better traumatizing!
And the pics of your dear grandbabies...what precious little guys :)
Eric Clapton...what can I say...I love him and Beautiful Tonight was the song my husband and I danced to our first dance at our wedding reception! I bet his concert was SPECTACULAR!
I've got you on my bloglines so I'll definitely be back to see you again soon! Thanks again for leaving a comment! I do appreciate them so much! {{hugs}} to you!

Jamie said...

I hope Kiz is ok!! I am so glad you had a great time at the Clapton concert - I'm honestly so so jealous!

Wendy said...

Love the pics of your new baby tomato plants! I hope to see some pics of your greenhouse soon too! Don't forget to keep us up to date.

Poor Kiz - very traumatic for his mommy and you! I hope everything goes smoothly now.