Monday, April 23, 2007

My day so far!

I moved my 2 biggest tomatoes into the greenhouse...they simply got too big!

This is my work table in the greenhouse. Right now I'm using smallish bags of mix...the shops don't have the big bulk package ready for sale yet. Fingers crossed for later this week, because I have a lot of plants that need bigger accommodations!

Friday eve, we picked up 2 used pickles barrels. I'm hoping that the one inside will work 2 fold...water for the plants or at least it should help modulate the temperatures at night...a kind of solar heating. The outside one will eventually be set up with the rain gutters from the greenhouse itself. These will be recycled from the A frame shed, which is going to come down one way or the other!

In keeping with yesterday's Earth Day, I'm now hanging out my laundry to dry. underwear...I do have some pride...that is hung on my indoor line in the laundry room. I noticed a online thread in my travels where this type of thing is called flags of poverty and very much frowns upon. I take it as a badge of courage, to do my part to reduce our ill effects on this world.


Jamie said...

Oh I'm so jealous of the green house. I think the rain water idea is fantastic. Do you compost as well?

As the grandchild of a woman who had competitions with the neighbors to see whose laundry was on the line earliest on Saturday mornings and whose undies were strung out for the neighbors to see (actually with the trees you couldn't) I was mortified! However at the time a lot of the people hang them out and this is a pretty middle/upper middle class neighborhood. This no longer happens though!

Dawn said...

Your tomatoe plants looks wonderful!

Christine Doyle said...

Growing up our clothes were always on the line. I figure it was probably to save money on the power bill - there were 8 kids growing up and the washer & dryer would be going all the time! The unmentionables were hung on the inside, and later mom got a long single line, but we lived on the outskirts of town so no one really noticed. I would love to do that now. There is something about clothes dried outside that makes me all gushy.

Dorothy said...

Your tomato plants look really good.

In many descriptions, hanging laundry on the line calls to mind times of old and many often find it nostalgic and romantic. My Mom hung our stuff out on the line in the backyard. It took her long enough just to wash it with seven people in our house.

Your barrels are much nicer than the old oil barrel we used to use. If you find you are getting more mosquitos than usual, put a little bit of vegetable oil in it. The larvae can't breathe through it and it won't hurt your garden.

Vonna said...

I hang dry everything except...underwear...I dry those (I think they are softer when dried). In fact, our housing addition does not allow clotheslines so I have to do it inside my house. I just have a whole bunch of rolling clothes racks that I use...we have a family of 6 so you can imagine how many rolling racks I have :) LOL! I've never done it any other I don't know the difference, but people think I'm nuts...its acutally easier on clothes so clothes last a long, long time :)