Monday, April 23, 2007

My last sewing project - curtains

Jamie, I haven't any photos of the finished pieces installed...DD & SIL got side tracked and are behind schedule with their re-painting. (They had an unbelievable offer for help finishing the basement...which they accepted, then Alex broke his arm, needing weekly check-ups and they are soon the begin the garage build! Oh and DD's best friend is getting married in 12 days!)

So a pic of the fabric remnants will have to do! The horizontal striped are tab tops for the dining room. The photo doesn't do the colours justice...they really pop in person, salsa is what DD calls it. The middle is actually a beautiful cream linen for the living room which goes beautifully with the cream streak in the dining room curtains. Their home is open concept, so we had to get this right. The fabric on the right is a copper moire...the sheen is unbelievable and this is in the main floor powder room. I wouldn't mind that in my own home!


Jamie said...

Oh they do look beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished project. Painting and home renovation is such a PITA and so much work. I applaud your family for doing it on their own.

Dawn said...

Love the fabric! Hope the arm heals quickly for Alex. :)